Pronunciation:   \k?m-?pa-sh?n\

Function:  noun

: sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it

That’s one definition, but Compassion International’s definition includes motive:  "releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name". 

Compassion International isn’t just interested in the material poverty of the children for whom they secure sponsorship; their ministry is holistic, addressing the spiritual, socio-economic, academic and physical needs of the child.

A team of fabulous bloggers are on a Compassion-sponsored trip to the Dominican Republic this week, observing first-hand the lives of those affected by the work of Compassion projects.  Their posts are moving, evocative, emotional and powerful.

It’s double-sided blessing:  they get to look into the deep and soulful eyes of those who’ve experienced great blessing from sponsorship dollars, and it’s very clear the lives of the bloggers themselves are changed as a result. Some of the stories are heart-wrenching, but all are seeded with hope.

There’s no way to incarnate Christ by loving others fully and joyfully and not be changed; I guess it starts by Jesus transforming you first with His love and sacrifice.  Beautiful to me, since sponsoring Isaura, my eyes have been opened to how I can affect not only her life but her entire family’s for about one dollar/day.  Her letters–at this point dictated because she’s too young to write herself–include pages she’s colored; they’re paper treasures.

Click HERE for easy access to all the bloggers’ posts.

I can’t think of a better reason for blogging:  using your words for good, changing lives, and sharing the very secure hope of the gospel!  If you’re even thinking about sponsoring a child, will you pleasepleasePLEASE click the link in my upper right sidebar? 
There, you can visit the children awaiting sponsorship, learn more about Compassion International, and decide if NOW is the time for you to alter a child’s future for good.

Might this be a way for you to extend generosity?
In changing the future of one,
you’ll change the future of many.




In case you don’t have time to click the link right now, please keep the team in your thoughts and prayers; both now, in the final few days of their trip, and especially for them as they return home…changed people.

Bloggers:  Melanie (pictured above with the children) at Big Mama, Mary at Owlhaven, Jennifer at 5 Minutes for Mom, Marlboro Man and his daughters from Pioneer Woman, Tim at

Leaders: Brian Seay and Shaun Groves

Trip photographer: Keely Scott; photos on this post are from her Flickr Compassion photo stream.

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