Good news:  We love your blog so daggum much, we decided to feature it on our uber-popular weekly cyber round-up of the BEST in the blogosphere.

Bad news:  When you wet your pants, you really might want to reconsider posting it on the world wide web.

(Mindy (Drama Mama) & Jenny (The Bloggess) are two of my favorite people out there.  Even when they’re especially mean and talk about me behind my back.  Get thee hither to Good Mom/Bad Mom.  Today, read Blog Share Sunday, and then take some time to get to know these ladies.  They’re both wicked schmart, and to know them IS to love them.)

Thanks girls…I think ;). 

And if this is your first time visiting PENSIEVE, oh dear… PLEASE get to know me so this won’t be your first and LAST impression of me!  Really…truly…under "normal" conditions I have perfect control of all bodily functions!


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