Technical barking dogs  ringing phones  errands  guests in town  writer’s block  ACCIfreakinDENTAL FINGER TWITCH THAT ERASED MY FIRST DRAFT BEFORE IT WAS SAVED difficulties this morning; so sorry this wasn’t up earlier.  Truly, trust me, I couldn’t be more sorry!

If you’re new to Pensieve’s Poetic License, please click here for this month’s details; in summary, our form was English Sonnet and the theme was "masks".  I went with a figurative interpretation, and be nice to me–trying to recreate an English Sonnet that just took longer to write than you care to admit to self or others, combined with stupidity for not saving it, has left me frag-ile this morning…FRADGE-AISLE!

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Imagination wends its way, unknown destination
Fantasy ignites, children lost in play.
Fearless knight, a princess fair, endless fascination
Gowns, crowns, jewels and heels or dragons they must slay.

Guns, holsters, cowboy hats, galloping stick horses
Custom-sewn, stitched with care, or costumes ready-made
Superheroes, caped and masked, ready to join forces
Pretending that which is not, childhood masquerade.

Wearing costumes unaware while choosing what to show
Revealing only pieces, unintentioned schemes
Sometimes holding closely, sometimes letting go.
A smile conceals the wounded heart, disguises hopeful dreams.

Counterfeit identities, toying with the truth
Playing games, make believe, not just reserved for youth.

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