Shaun Groves has a plan.

I received a very impersonal mass email from him today letting me know he was giving away music and offering a free download to anyone who is interested (<—click that link to "meet" Shaun…funny guy, he is).  The name of the song is "Kingdom Coming" and in a word, it's beautiful; musically, lyrically, the song has depth and significance.

Shaun impresses me because of the choices he's making; he's one of those who's "walking the walk" while he's talkin' it, and in so doing, he's advancing God's kingdom in the here and now.  To explain what I mean, here's an excerpt from his email (bold print mine, not his):

"Kingdom Coming" was inspired by my many years of partnering with
Compassion International to release children from poverty in
twenty-five of the world's poorest countries. Four years ago, after
seeing for myself how far a little goes in the developing world, Becky
and I were inspired
to sell our house, cut off the cable and make
several other changes in an effort to simplify our lives so that others
could simply live
. Because of those changes our expenses are so low
that we've been able to do nothing for the last four years but sing and
speak (100 times a year) and blog on behalf of Compassion International
at no charge to the public. In that time thousands of children have
been sponsored through Compassion and have been educated, fed, healed,
played with, and told about the love of Jesus as a result. This free
download, and the ones to follow, are just the next logical progression
for us.

Please, click the link below to download the song yourself.  I think you'll see what I mean :).

Oh…and the title of this post? You'll have to click the link in the first line above  for it to make sense :).

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