…but at least this time I stopped short of wetting my pants.

Yesterday was bitterly cold in our neck of the woods, especially when you consider I live in the South.  Wind chill drove the "feeling temperature" to the teens.

You can imagine how thrilled I was to attend my son's evening soccer game; it had me thinking soccer and football needed to change seasons.

Layered like "The Princess and the Pea's" mattress, my daughter's car blanket in hand, I was as prepared as I could be for weathering the elements.

I wasn't prepared for the text (via twitter) I received from Barbara Jones, founder of the amazing One2One Network (that, if you're a woman, you must join if you haven't already!):

"Hold on to your seat. U R not going to believe this but you just WON
the Artisan 800 printer in the O2O giveaway…no joke..fair &

After that good news, I barely noticed the icicles dangling off my nose.

I am curious, though…have YOU ever won anything during Bloggy Giveaways or through some other venue on the interweb?  Do tell about your good fortune :).

(Thank you One2One, thank you Barbara…you couldn't have drawn a more grateful person's name out of the hat!)

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