Just look at 'em–have you ever seen a more darling pair of pairs?


Princesses Belle and Jasmine were over for a visit yesterday and they fell in love with Hal and Holly Moose; I had a hard time not sending Hal and Holly home with the girls.  Especially when they rubbed their hands over the fur and said, "They're SOOOooooo soft!"  The book tells a tall tale of saving Christmas by the pair of Moose siblings "who were filled with big ideas and even bigger dreams". 

The stuffed mooses (no editorial corrections, please, I know "mooses" isn't a real word, but in MY world, it makes complete sense, tyvm) are from the imagination of Build a Bear, and for the holiday season, you can get the pair of stuffed animals and this book for just $24!  Outfits are extra, but normally, each stuffed animal is $18 and the book itself retails for $15.99. 

Why in the world would I write  an endorsement for the Build a Bear people when I'm clearly in the midst of a strong conviction in "doing more with less" this Christmas season? 

They've given me a $25 giftcard to give to YOU!  You have enough to purchase the afore-mentioned gift set or use it to design your own custom bear!  You'll have it in time for Christmas–perfect timing for a giveaway!

Wanna know how you can be eligible?  All you have to do is write a poem for this month's Pensieve Poetic License

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