The entries for December's Poetic License are incredible; I've updated the original post to include all email submissions, and you should visit it and all the links for a wintertime treat.  Seriously. 

A n d, my dear poetic friends, you made it extremely difficult to choose a winner for the $25 Build a Bear giftcard!  I was certain a pensieve would win, but in the end, I chose a haiku. 

First the runners up:

Wait a second…I can't have runners up!  You know why?  I'll tell ya why:  THERE ARE TOO DAGGUM MANY!  It's ridiculous…I cannot narrow it down to two or three because each one thrills me in its own way.  So…as concession, I'm getting ready to email everyone who participated, and the first three people to email their snail mail to me will win a little surcie from the ol' PENSIEVE. 

{I do need to make mention of my friend IRL, Dawn, who emailed the MOST INSANE poem of the bunch at midnight last night.  You must click the original post link to see what I'm talkin' about.  Me thinks the pastor's wife might've been dippin' into the ol' egg nog ;).  I kid!  I kid!!}

The winning poem caught my attention because of what it communicates in just 17 syllables.  Word economy is not my strength, so when I see a haiku that nails it?  I'm enamored.  Congratulations to Sharon (not a blogger) who penned this verse:

Sweet Christmas kisses

Quick, stolen appetizers

'Neath the mistletoe

Sincere thanks for all of you who joined in; in the midst of a busy season, your creative, enthusiastic participation  was a blogging paycheck to me…:)

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