Why do women have such a difficult time saying a simple "thank you" when someone extends a compliment?  

We minimize–

"I love that sweater, is it new?"

"Yes! I got it for $7.99 on T.J. Maxx's clearance rack!"

We self-deprecate–

"You look great!"

"Guess I'm having one of those rare good hair days."

We act like we have no idea what they're talking about–

"How do you keep your house so straight all the time?"

"Well, you're just seeing it for the five minutes it was clean."

I'm not the only one who does this, just about every time I pay a compliment to a friend, it's similarly rebuffed (can you take a compliment or do you find yourself falling into this trap?)

I received a really nice compliment today from a blog friend I consider a friend in real life since we've actually met, and though I want to make excuses and self-deprecate and look over my shoulder and say "Who?  Me??", what I really want to say…need to say

…is a simple thank you.

Thank you, Shannon.


p.s.  If you're visiting from the 10 Best Wise Mom blog post, you need to know a) my laptop broke last week and I'm barely able to check email, b) posting is a BEAR, and not just any bear, but the grizzliest of kinds, and c) sometimes I write "real" posts like about my mom or my kids highs and lows or how strangers can affect how I parent  Thanks for your visit and I hope you'll even consider subscribing :).

p.p.s.  Is my "PS" doing exactly what I'm talkin' about??  Say it ain't so!

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