Like many during these unstable economic times , we're scaling back this Christmas…waaaay back.  I really have been challenged by The Advent Conspiracy, but even before that, I was struggling with out-of-control consumerism and wanting something different for our family…something better.

I haven't determined what that "better" is, exactly, but I know it's not a bunch of stuff none of us need.

With that in mind, my husband and I decided to get each of our kids one nice Christmas gift this year.  One. 

One of these gifts–a high demand, low inventory electronic–was ordered week before last for our son; when it didn't hit our credit card, I called the company.  They assured me it would be shipped out that day and I was provided a UPS tracking number; our credit card was charged the next day.

Yesterday I received an email stating they were refunding our money and it wouldn't be shipped after all.  To say I was furious is like saying the Grand Tetons are a pretty bunch of hills. 

I WANTED TO HURT SOMEBODY, maim and destroy, pull their hair and stick my fingers in their eyes!  I had called around and found a few of these items within half an hour's driving distance, but after speaking with the customer service guy AND being given a tracking number, I thought I was fine.

I called the company in response to my email, and bless his heart, ripped the guy who answered the phone; alternately FORCEFULLY DEMANDING they do something to "make it right", and then apologizing to him and acknowledging it wasn't his fault. 

Total bi-polar moment. 

And get this, lol…I PULLED THE "I'M A BLOGGER AND SOCIAL MEDIA USER" card!  OH YES I DID!  I told this man I would do everything in my power to drive customers away from their site and I expected him to let his manager know.

s i g h

Lovely exhibit of the Christmas spirit (and worse, love of Christ), eh?

I know this, though…I won't be making any future purchases through and  And if you're considering buying through either?  Caveat emptor people…if only I had done the same :/.

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