Every once in a while, I stumble across a website that absolutely slays me; this morning, I heard a tip from the Way-FM morning crew and actually remembered to check it out. 

What I discovered blew me away.


Former Korn guitarist Brian Welch is one among many who share their powerful stories of how God intervened in their lives and changed them from the inside out, drawing them into relationship with His son.

If you're a believer, you must visit this site.  If you don't give a flip about God or "religion", you must visit this site.  If you're breathing and have eyes or ears (not necessarily both), you must visit this site.

Am I clear? 


Trey Hill was involved in creating iamsecond.com; taking a few seconds to click around his blog and photography site, I instantly added him to my already-too full reader.  He has a beautiful voice and his work bears evidence of his philosophy (from his about page):

"I often linger on details most people miss. It’s a habit that comes
from my belief that beauty lives deep inside un-special things. You may
have to look a little longer and a little harder to see it, but in the
short space between my shutter’s opening and closing something profound

A redemptive blink is made available for savoring.

As a photographer, I’m trying to prodigally pursue the beauty hidden inside of ordinary things."

Interestingly, I was surprised to see a video by our former pastor!  I already know the story he shared, but it was cool actually to know someone featured on the site; that way, I'm s u r e it's legit ;). 

Go.  Click.  Visit iamsecond.com.  Tell others.  Tweet.  Stumble.  (Thank you.)  Be blessed.

That's all…carry on :).

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