Sometimes…the best of times?…the line between sublime and ridiculous fades to black and a single stroke of whimsy will make your day.  It cannot be explained, nor will everyone understand, but for those who see and hear on this plane, life is relished in the simple and the ordinary.  In the overlooked or forgotten.  In the childlike or imagination.  

Fifi-the-wonder-dog came to life for me on Tuesday.


Fifi-the-wonder-dog is a male, perfectly comfortable in pink and realizing fully well many will mistake him for a "she", but not caring in the least.  He knows his choice in fashion makes people smile, which to him, is paycheck. 


His own ever-present and lop-sided grin coaxes a smile out of even the tightest-lipped grimace and he's a master of impersonation.  Dumbo and The Flying Nun are his favorites.

Fifi-the-wonder-dog finds great satisfaction in serving others; joy and cheer and delight is the luminescent trail braided in his wake.  He never meets a stranger, but strangers often meet him.  His presence exudes happiness, spilling over to others like golden dust from a fairy's wand.

I happened to meet Fifi-the-wonder-dog at the end of a Very Good Day, and somehow this little acrylic-furred creature found a home in my heart.  In a body that magically fits in the grip of any child's fist, he personifies sweetness and kindness and goodness.  His superpower is attitude adjustment. 

Those who are grounded by the gravity of Real World will only see a merchandising ploy tied to a Nickelodeon movie; for the few who enjoy the freedom of appreciating the nonsensical?  

You're smiling right now, aren't you? 🙂

Fifi-the-wonder-dog wants to know (and so do I), how do you find delight in the simple and the ordinary, the overlooked or forgotten?

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