Calls to action, people, and it's not about me.  It's about them.  It's about you.  And…okay…somewhere in there "I am" in it sorta indirectly, but really, it's not about me. 

Please read on til the end:

[1]  Whiz-bang blog award voting is under way, and while blog awards aren't everything, they're definitely something.  It's fun knowing some of the bloggers in contention, and because voting can take place once daily through January 12th, if you're so inclined, would you please cast a vote for my friends and (ahem **cough cough**) associates?

Best Parenting Blog:  Blissfully Domestic

Best New Blog:  Blog Nosh Magazine

Editorial note:  When I joined both ezines this year as editor, I sensed they were something special; that both made it through the nomination process as finalists, confirms what I suspected.  It's nice when foresight is 20/20! 🙂

Best Small Blog:  Chatting at the Sky
{One of my precious roomies at BlissDom '08}

Best Diarist:  Velveteen Mind
{A fabulous writer and my boss for Blog Nosh}

Best Humor Blog:  The Bloggess (Rated R)
{J'adore Jenny.  She's kind of like the harlot with a heart of gold, but don't tell her I said that–her bite is worse than her bark!}

Best Religious Blog:  Conversionary Diary
{A compelling author whom I featured on Blog Nosh Magazine}

{THANKS for your votes–none of my picks are in the lead right now, so theysure would appreciate your click!}

[2]  BlissDom '09

Oh, dear…registration is FILLING fast!  If you haven't yet looked at the conference site, or if it's been a while, you must!  The slate of speakers is phenomenal and attendees are in for a treat.  The weekend promises to be fun, content-filled, educational, and full of surprises.  BlissDom fosters an atmosphere of encouragement, not competition, and it's a bargain for the style and substance offered.  If you're even thinking about it, you'll want to act quickly–those last few spots will fill SOON!  Questions?  Just ask in comments!

[3]  In the next week or so, I'll begin an online promotional campaign for a soon-to-be released book; if you've got favorite book review bloggers, shout 'em out (in comments or via email)!  They're probably on my short list, but if not, I sure am interested in learning who you trust and read already!

[4]  If you'd like a little accountability and a lot of encouragement with fitness goals for 2009 (NOT resolutions, they're far too breakable!), please check out Running Wild, a blog for "runnabes".  Most of us can barely run from the door to the mailbox, but we are putting our best foot forward and challenging one another to do the same.  Join us?

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