Today's giveaway is sponsored by TypePad and someone, my friends, is going to be an awfully lucky duck.  Make that TWO someones are going to be happy, waddling, water-floating, web-footed feathered friends!


1 TypePad PRO account (for new customers), RV:  $179.40
1 TypePad PRO upgrade (for existing customers), RV: depends on current account

TypePad has been an excellent host for my site, so much so I couldn't help but gush about it last week

FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN, in comments:

  1. You must indicate whether or not you're a current TP user so I'll know which giveaway to award you.
  2. Read Dream Job & tell me your thoughts about the post, including your dream job.
  3. International readers are eligible for this giveaway!  
  4. Tweet this giveaway and comment your URL for an additional chance to win. 
  5. First two commentors randomly drawn who meet all eligibility requirements will win!

As always, it's not required but it is appreciated if you subscribe to PENSIEVE via email or in a reader.  Be sure to check out my main giveaway post for additional guidelines and check out Bloggy Giveaways central for THOUSANDS of dollars in prizes!

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