Watching "Grey's Anatomy" is a guilty pleasure for me; half the time I'm lauding a Dr. Bailey diatribe or swooning over McDreamy when he tilts his head and gives The Look, but the rest of the time I'm ready to take a baseball bat to the television.

If you're a fan, you know The Look about which I speak; but I think you have to be female to understand it…penetrating baby blues with the heat and compassion to melt Antarctica.  S i g h.


The past couple of weeks I've actually learned something from the show…a few somethings, as a matter of fact.  I thought it of value to pass along to you, just in case you a) think the show is little more than the devil's handiwork, or b) are bored to tears with another far-fetched medical drama, when you prefer the reality of say, "House".

Pensieve's Top 10 Observations & Lessons Learned from Grey's Anatomy
  1. If you see dead people, you're sick.
  2. If you see dead people and have conversation with them, you're really sick.
  3. If you see dead people, have conversation with them, AND engage in "mind-blowing" intimate contact?  You'd better check your contract because they might just be writing you off the show.
  4. If a character is really strong Denny, don't kill him off.  Writer-buyer's remorse is never a fan favorite (suddenly Bobby Ewing is coming to mind–any Dallas fans in the house?).
  5. For one of the first times evah, I can identify with Meredith Grey–having compassion for a serial killer isn't popular.
  6. Eric Stoltz should earn a Oscar Tony Grammy Emmy for his portrayal of William, a death row inmate confined to a bed for most of three episodes, until he walks into the death chamber in the last frame. 
  7. McSteamy got what he deserved for sleeping around with every skirt in the hospital–a p-nile fracture (misspelled on purpose to divert the scary googlers)!  Talk about consequences & karma biting!  YIKES! 
  8. Hospital dramas lurve looking for rare, awkward, never-heard-of-before diseases and maladies.  I wondered how many people googled the affliction in #7 to see if it was for real.  Sweet mercy, it IS and I learned four other interesting facts about the male anatomy.  I safe-searched on Web-MD 'cause goodness gracious I didn't want my laptop catching a disease!
  9. Organ transplant is the most sweetly-bitter of medical procedures; one losing his life so another might live. 
  10. When you need to cry your eyes out, your BFF knows just what you need and gives it to ya.

Thoughts?  Dissention?  Agreement?  Indifference?  Hit comments and blast off!

Postscript:  Hehe…one of my twitter followers basically dared me to blog about #8; I just couldn't let that challenge pass.  🙂

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