File this one under “You’ve gotta be kidding me…!”:

Mentioned a few posts ago, I received an email notification that we would NOT be receiving the Rock Band 2 Wireless Drum Set I had:
  • ordered weeks prior
  • been given a UPS tracking number and a delivery date
  • found within a half hour’s driving distance, but because of the two bullets mentioned above, decided to save the gas money & time suckage, since, you know…it was “on its way”

Well, as any desperate mother would do, I let my fingers do the walking and I continued to call stores locally to see if anyone had one in stock; I’d get a “yes” from a store employee (temporarily elated) only to be let down when they realized I needed it for X-BOX not Play Station.

The Friday night before Christmas, we went out to dinner; while we waited on our food, I decided to check Best Buy one more time, and, OH!MY!WORD! when I walked in there were TWO wireless drum sets for X-Box!
I commenced to Snoopy happy dancing, nose in the air and feet barely touching the ground.  Any mother would KNOW why I did; everyone else just thought I was Christmas-crazy.
Who cared that they looked like returns?  Heavily taped by apparently a four year old, I choose the “better” of the two, paid for it, and then, stealth-like-a-fox, got my daughter to sneak into the restaurant, ask my husband for the car keys, and without any suspicions from my sons (I’m s u r e), snuck them into the back of our van and covered them with a picnic blanket I keep for emergencies of the picnic or need-to-hide-presents variety.
Cause don’t we all have emergencies like that?
Oh! the glory of mother success!  Christmas morning would be joyful indeed!
The next day, we hit the road for a visit to Georgia for a wedding and then to South Carolina for Christmas with my husband’s family.  We returned home on Tuesday evening.
The Tuesday before Christmas.
Once unpacked, the next thing our boys did, was crank up the ol’ X-Box to settle the DTs they were experiencing from three days on the road without a gaming fix.
Nothing happened.
They unplugged it, replugged it, tried to reset it, whatever you do to make it work….and nothing.
Maybe we should’ve had the neighbors feed it along with our pets while we were gone, but whatever the problem, our 362-day-old X-Box was dead.
On Christmas morning, there would be no use for the wireless drum set I had scored for my son; there would be no use for the Madden ’09 game my brother got Thomas.
Thomas’ Christmas was beginning to look like the “What might have been” or “If only” or “Coal in your stocking would’ve been more fun”.  He’s reasonable, and I was thankful at 14 he could understand delayed gratification, but he’s also still a kid, and I knew he would be disappointed.
Carrots dangled just out of bite’s reach, knowing they’re going to be so tasty, but having to wait to eat them.  Somethin’ like that….
(The good thing was service at X-Box is excellent; we downloaded a pre-paid mailing label to return it, and they promised to repair or replace it within two-three weeks.)
There are TWO sweetly silver linings in this tale, though–
  1. After I found out we WEREN’T going to get the set mail order, I told Thomas his gift was canceled, and as soon as we could find one, we’d get it for him (I didn’t tell him WHAT it was, just that we found out at the last minute it wasn’t being shipped).  I told him about ripping GamesForLess and, and his response that melted me?  “Awwww, Mom, you DO love me, don’t you?”  (He liked that I was all bowed up and defensive for HIS sake, not that my love is ever in doubt.)
  2. Our friends, Chris and Julie, came to his rescue, letting us borrow their X-Box until his returns.

And that single act of generosity, might’ve been the sweetest gift to Thomas of all :).

What about you?  Did you have any missteps this Christmas?  Did anyone extend an act of generosity to you or someone in your family?

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