Paula Deen 's people have been gracious enough to offer me something truly special for this quarter's giveaway:  an enlarged copy of her magazine cover, mounted on foamcore and personalized by The Lady herself!  This is a treasure for the true Paula Deen fan, a collector's item since only a few are produced!


To be eligible to win:  Read any of my Paula Deen posts (it's fun to see how our "friendship" has developed and how she now counts me as one of her stalkers most intimate of girlfriends) and leave a comment here about any of them.  Make sure to express your enthusiasm about WHY you should win this giveaway, and you might just come away with this prized possession from one of the top Food Network divas!

Thousands of dollars are being given away at the Bloggy Giveaways carnival this week–click NOW for you chance to win!

(Please see my main giveaway post for a listing of all giveaways and eligibility guidelines). 

This giveaway is open to domestic delivery only :).

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