Action speaks louder than words, but thinking about it and then talking about it, are the natural precursors to doing it.

Regardless of the "it".

In spite of my arrogant, judgmental attitude that little "good" comes out of Hollywood, I liked this video.  It's inspiring.  It's challenging.  And maybe, just maybe, some people will actually follow through with their "pledges", and won't that be a great thing? 

After you watch it, what pledges are most memorable? Are you inspired to make your own pledge? I'd love to hear your thoughts (good, bad or indifferent).

Memorable to me?

To be the voice for those who have no voice.
To consider myself an American, not an African-American
To always find the humor in everything.
To show more love to strangers.
To meet my neighbors.
To consume less and cultivate more.
To flush only after a deuce, never a single.
To sell a culture of intelligence instead of ignorance.
To commit to my own change before I ask others to change.

What's your pledge?

HT: The Bloggess

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