Occasionally bloggers question why I use TypePad versus Blogger, WordPress or lesser-known platforms.  It's important to know I'm tech-impaired, so processing the value of each comes painfully slow.

Like many, I used Blogger when I started writing for PENSIEVE for the same reason as most people–it was FREE!  I wasn't sure how long-term my blogging interest would remain, so I certainly didn't want to pay for it.

After a year, and at the time, frustration, aggravation and inconsistencies with Blogger, it was time to move on; I weighed the benefits of TypePad and WordPress.  My choice boiled down to my perception that WordPress would require more knowledge to manipulate, and TypePad was user-friendly from the get-go.

Now almost two years later, these are my top reasons you might want to consider Typepad for your next blogging platform:

  • Fabulous customer support.  I was shocked when a REAL person from Typepad/Six Apart saw a tweet of mine on twitter asking for help with a problem and responded within minutes.  This is reason enough to choose Typepad imho:).  Users also can submit "help tickets" and someone in customer service will respond in hours. 
  • User friendly.  I have found that to be true.  Without any tutorials, you can navigate Typepad with relative ease; if you have questions, they have a query bank that answers most everything.
  • Tons of free design templates.  If you aren't in a position to pay for custom, Typepad has a variety of pre-made templates; and for those of you with just a little savvy, you can easily change the header. 
  • Easy photo uploads.  Choose from standard or custom sizes and whether or not to wrap text around the image.
  • Commenting ease.  If you feel the need to add word verification, it's available (personal opinion? VERY few people actually need it and it's a hassle for your commenter…but I digress….).  Typepad's SPAM controls are effective; VERY few undesirable comments make their way through. 
  • View post in both rich text and html mode.  Even if you know only basic html language, this is helpful when you need it.
  • Categories.  When I left Blogger, post categories weren't an option.  As far as I know, most major platforms do allow them now.
  • Sidebar manipulation.  Add widgets, links, lists, text and images easily (which reminds me…mine could use some major TLC right now!).
  • Unlimited blogs with premium account.  You can add additional authors but I'm not sure at which level this is allowed.

While there are other things to consider when choosing your hosted platform (or whether or not to use a hosted platform at all!), I've been consistently pleased with Typepad's performance almost two years into our "relationship".  

There is one feature I'd like to see not currently offered:  numbered comments.  Anyone who's hosted a giveaway can give me an "AMEN!" on that!  Typepad/SIX APART…DO YOU HEAR ME???

What platform do you use?  Are you completely satisfied or shopping around?  What features are most important to you?  If you've blogged on several platforms, what thoughts can you add to mine?

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