"I saw your picture this morning," said an acquaintance at church yesterday.

Me, confused, "WHERE?"

"In the paper, front page of "Diversions" section, BIG picture, above the fold."
We got home, I rifled through the unread Sunday tome, and shazaam!  She wasn't exaggerating!


That's me far left (looking ridiculously serious, clearly a glitch in the photographer's timing!), wearing the eggplant sweater-that-I-love, drinking a steamy caramel macchiato I love more, cradling the Macbook I love most!

The first time I've ever attended a writer's group, it won't be the last.  It was fun sitting around a group of writers–published and aspiring–just to talk shop.  A n d, it gave me the idea of starting a local bloggers group with the same goal in mind–a collaborative conversation among those who speak "blog" (which we ALL know is BOR-ING for the Unbelivers 😉 ). 

Are you currently part of a writer's group?  Do you have experience about what works and what doesn't?  What about a local blogger's group?  If I began one, do you have suggestions for getting started?  I'd love any and all ideas, even if they come in the form of questions!

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