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Without a doubt, my favorite aspect to Blissdom '09 was meeting in person those I knew before, and those I didn't know "until".  There may be 50 million blogs out there, but in Nashville, last weekend, 300 women came together to network, connect, share their insights, and glean from others.

No longer are they just "imaginary friends".  The beauty of the individual was revealed en masse, and I feel so fortunate to have made true connection.  There was a genuine atmosphere of encouragement and enthusiasm, it was electrically palpable.

One thing I've realized about people who blog, we're passionate about this medium.  This hobby.  This vocation.  Conferencing with those of like mind is simply opportunity to "talk blog" and not have people's eyes glaze over. 

Bless our non-bloggy-friends-IRL's hearts who "listen" when we have something bloggish to share. 

The only down side to Blissdom was not having enough time to have substantive conversation with "everyone".  I guess it's better to leave wanting more, no?

Ok…I'll hush up with the waxing blissful and introduce you to some fabulous new friends…!



Meet the roommates (l-r).  With these girls I laughed until the point of suffocation (they know that is NOT an exaggeration); rooming with three virtual strangers is a gamble.  For us?  We came out winners.  I miss waking up to their smiles! :

  • Rachel, A Southern Fairytale – Rachel is one of the most industrious, generous, inviting people I've ever met.  Her enthusiasm is infectious; she's as down to heart as they come.  She loves freely, making it easy to love her in return.
  • Amber, The run-a-muck – Our bond was established before we met; Amber is the "mother" of The Mother Letter Project Blog.  I saw her first through the eyes of her husband, and when we exchanged emails after Christmas, I began to see her myself.  This woman is an amazing wordsmith, writing with her heart; her prose is lyrical.  She challenges me to be a writer first, blogger second.  We share a kindredness not often found in life, and I wish she lived next door.  She was my partner in crime (and I think we broke a few laws) all weekend. 
  • Deanna, Domestic Chicky and The Apronista.  From the get-go, I knew Deanna was a loyal friend; the fact she cares about people is evident in a heartbeat.  She's fun and has a depth delightful to discover.  This is a girl you could sit with for hours trading stories.  We didn't have near enough time together, but what we did left me wanting more. 

 Among others, I see Jyl (Mommy Gossip), with whom I had an instant crush!  Jyl is a Blog-mover-&-shaker, a true initiator and innovator, and I wish she and I had more time together (s i g h…I'll quit saying that, but it's true about everyone I met :/); Heather (Queen of Shake Shake) who is the life of the party.  She's fun & spicy and could get me into trouble…this I just know!  Edie (Life in Grace) is a magnet; people are drawn to her with her inviting countenance.  I didn't get to spend much time with her, but it was great meeting her!

More coming soon…for now?  I'm on the road again!!

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