Sometimes the sweetest blessings arrive at your doorstop, devoid of fanfare but hardly without notice.

Such is the case of a friendship that began before I met her:  Amber, author of the run-a-muck and THE mother of The Mother Letter Project Blog.

I first loved Amber through the eyes of her husband; Shannon introduced me to Seth, intuitively "knowing" I would want to help him promote The Mother Letter Project.  She was right.  For a "words of encouragement" girl, the Christmas gift he was planning for her–a blog from mothers to mothers–was something I thought was beyond fabulous.  I loved brainstorming ideas about how to get the word out, and when all was said and done, over 500 letters were written (and they're still accepting more in anticipation of Mother's Day). 


Amber and I had opportunity to meet a few weeks ago at BlissDom, and it approximated Jonathan and David…a heart-to-heart kindredness, rare and exquisite.  Read her blog and you'll fall in love, too.  She has a voice of beauty and her prose is electric…poetic…compelling. 

Tonight I discovered she was talkin' about me behind my back. 

Sometimes…that's a good thing. 

But I can't help but feel like I don't deserve it, daggum her time.


I still love her, though…how could I not? 


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