Earlier this week when Bananas not only escaped from his pen but was chased to South Dakota by our bunny-lickin' Australian Shepherd, I was certain we had seen the last of him. 

Even so, I prayed.  So did some of you, bless your ever-lovin' hearts, and both Stephen and I were touched by your kind words in comments (and in twitter).

Yesterday, my daughter and I hit the road South Carolina-bound, marking year 14 in our annual Valentine Mother-Daughter Tea Party (recap next week, and if you have daughters or granddaughters, make a mental note to keep an eye out!).  Mid-way to my in-laws, my cell phone rang; caller ID indicated it was my oldest son.

So enthusiastic I could barely understand him, the second time he explained the reason for his call, it became crystal clear:  he and Stephen had seen Bananas in our yard, and together they wrangled that wascally wabbit back into his pen :).

…assuring Stephen a VERY happy Valentine's Day…
…assuring me that sometimes God sweetly answers in the affirmative the idiotic prayers of a faithful mother.


Sent via picture text this afternoon 🙂

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