I'm chanting the title of this post right now; trying to maintain a healthy and cheerful perspective a) that my readers will benefit, and b) it's really just a few extra minutes of work.

Because I have BlogHer ads posted in my sidebar (which I am seriously re-thinking at the moment), I cannot review a product valued at over $40 on PENSIEVE'S main page.  My options are to create a stand-alone blog or code a page without ads.

In other words, I HAVE to create a stand-alone blog because I have no coding abilities.

If you have people in your home you'd like to protect from the potential of online "dangers", PLEASE check out my post "Safety first, even online. Especially online."  It's about a new option offered by Norton, and it's something I completely endorse. 

I'm stunned when I talk to friends who a) have children, and b) are married who have nothing protecting their computers.  It's not even a matter of trusting your children or husband to "do the right thing"–with the savviness of online SCUM, it's too easy for them to hit an adult or questionable site without even trying.

Please do yourself and your family a favor, and find out if Norton's Online Family is for you.

And for those of you willing to check out the new blog of mine, "Show & Tell & Give & Take"?  Later this afternoon I'll be giving away an iPod Touch!  GET!  OUT!!  I reallyREALLY hope **YOU** come away the winner!! 

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