Thumbing through the coupon section in Sunday's paper sometimes leaves me shaking my head in disbelief; particularly when it's less about saving money and more about spending money on something no one actually needs.

Let's consider Ashton-Drake Galleries', "Claire". 

Claire is a "Unique So Truly Real baby to cuddle and love".

Claire also scares the snot out of me!

Deranged elephant doll 

Claire is…

so much like real life…you'll be amazed (elephants at birth weigh over 200 pounds; what I'm amazed at is calling a 10" elephant doll "so much like real life")

...special because she's just 10" long (Oooo, so that explains it!  She's special.  She's apparently a miniature elephant!)

She'll feel happy just to be cuddled in the palm of your hand (because "RealTouch" vinyl is SO soft and cuddly!) (and elephants have feelings, too)

Or just offer her FREE PACIFIER…and she'll be content as can be! (ya don't say, a FREE paci?  Why not charge five bucks more for it?  Cause I'm pretty sure anyone who's gonna fork over $60 for a freakish elephant doll would be happy to hand over some extra jack for a paci to keep it quiet)

Available for a limited time (thank God…and, please, BREAK THE MOLD!)

demand will be great (is that motivating anyone? Does anyone believe that?)

S i g h…

Only in a country where capitalism is king and insatiable consumers feel the need to feed an appetite of unnecessary indulgence could something like this even exist. 

Can you think of any examples?  Or am I just over reacting?

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