Speechless.  In this moment, I am speechless.

I've begun this post a dozen different ways and none of them is "good enough", none of them is "right".

Frustrating is that moment when you have so much to say yet words fall ridiculously short of the emotion that is trickling out of the corners of your eyes or vanish all together.

On April 26th I will join a team of bloggers traveling with Compassion International to Calcutta, India, "to witness firsthand the poverty and hope of children living in East India."

To witness firsthand the poverty…the hope…of children.

Poverty and hope.


When I read the words in an email from team leader Shaun Groves "…I'd like you to join us…", tears filled my eyes.  It was only then I realized the extent to which I wanted to go.

What a privilege and responsibility to join this group!  We get to be a voice for those who have none. 

To varying degree, words are our currency.  We spend them often, sometimes wisely, sometimes not, but for one week this Spring, we'll have the honor of generously spending them on behalf of others.  I can think of no greater use of my words than to give voice to children who live in the world's poorest conditions.

To share the hope of Christ that fills their spiritual poverty.

To observe the work of Compassion International that ministers to their physical poverty.

It will be life changing and I'm both thrilled and terrified.  There is simply no way to anticipate all we'll see, not just with our eyes but with our hearts.

And if you ever wondered if God is real?  I promise you He is, and He's got a wicked sense of humor–a 30-hour plane ride?  For a girl who's scared to fly?  He's like, "Fine…you wanna be a Compassion Blogger?  Shazaam, Shaun Groves!–let's pick the farthest spot from the Tennessee Valley we can find, then ask Robin to go, 'cause you KNOW she's gonna have a come-to-Jesus meeting for the plane ride over."

By the time I land in India, I'll be the most spiritual person you'll ever meet.  Or the most nauseous.  Or the most "prayed up". 

If you've ever thought about sponsoring a Compassion child, why not meet these precious ones from India (oops, you have to search India yourself, the link doesn't capture my search)?  I'm sure there'll be a trip widget up and running when team details are complete, but for now, I linked to the website itself.  If you choose to sponsor, let me know–maybe, just maybe, I could meet your baby and give them a hug on your behalf! 

I can't wait to share this experience with you!  And if you're inclined, would you pray for me, my family, the team and the projects and children we'll visit?  @sugarjones, now THAT would bless my heart!!!

More soon…


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