Sometimes, it almost pays not to know me.  Take yesterday morning, for example.

Using the Random Integer Generator, a number was selected.  I counted through the comments and was surprised when I realized I knew the winner.  So I recounted, remarkably landing on the same person. 

My immediate thought was "I can't give this to someone I know!" so I commenced to spazzing out on Twitter. 

I wonder if she saw that thread and wondered if it was her, lol.  She didn't say a word if that was the case.  Hehe, another friend direct messaged me asking if it was her, and I was hatin' having to tell her no.

Anyways, the unanimous opinion was a big "so what?", and a few suggested I take a screen shot of the RIG page if it made me feel better.  I finally got around to that, but I'm a bit horrified to admit how many tabs were open (which doesn't come close to my known high count:  39) because I'm A.D.D.  a wicked cat juggler a consummate multi-tasker.

I've stalled long enough.  Time to spill the beans:

Congratulations, Lisa Beeeeee, you're the proud winner of an iPod Touch (GET!  OUT!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???!!!).  Email your snail mail and I'll have my people contact your people with the deets. 

Don't thank me, thank Mr. RIG :).

Picture 3 

THANKS to all who entered and shared how you're protecting your family's online activity.  Though most of you didn't win an iPod Touch, I hope what you learned about Norton Family Online proves much more valuable than the newest whizbang technology :).

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