One day I will swim with dolphins, it's a must on my Bucket List. 

When I was a little girl, "Flipper" was a favorite show, and in another life, I was destined for a career in marine biology.  Working at Sea World is a dream job in my opinion–what's better than a whale-splashed cool down on a scorched summer's day?

I found something that has re-ignited my whimsical little girl dreams once again. 

Dolphin Bubbles, yet another score for Sea World!  Your kids are gonna love this video, but I'd wager, you will, too (I'll wait while you go look at it)–

Isn't it the stinkin'-est, adorablest thing you've ever seen?  DON'T YOU WANNA PLAN A TRIP WITH ME RIGHT! NOW! AND GO SEE THIS PHENOMENA YOURSELF???

S i g h…now I don't wanna just swim with the dolphins, I wanna blow bubbles with the dolphins.  Guess I don't have the anatomy for that, though, so watching will have to do.

In the interest of full disclosure, I've recently begun a partnership with Social Spark.  Occasionally I'll learn about their clients and share that information with you.  The beauty is I'm able to select those things that mean something to me or will be of value to you.  When I saw these videos a few weeks ago?  I was smitten, people–S.M.I.T.T.E.N.!  It's easy to write about something so fun, something you might not know about otherwise.  And…I know my new friends at Sea World would LOVE to know how you learned about Dolphin Bubbles, so if you have time for a comment, I'd be grateful :).

Are you planning a trip to Florida this summer?  Are you planning a trip to Sea World?  ARE YOU GOING TO GET TO SEE THESE CREATURES AT PLAY BEFORE I DO?? 

Please let me know!  I wanna see YOUR pictures in front of the dolphins.  I promise, if you show me yours, one day…ONE DAY…I'll show you mine!

{{SXSW thoughts coming soon…good gravy, much to process!}}


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