1. Because I'm taking part in the Ultimate Blogging Party, I'm visiting about 10,000 new blogs.
  2. I forgot how much time that takes; therefore, I shall not be posting here at PENSIEVE today.
  3. Except for this enumerated list, which really doesn't count, does it?
  4. I'm floored by the wonderful bloggers–MANY OF WHOM THIS IS THE FIRST TIME OUR URLS ARE CROSSING–interested and willing to post one of my Compassion-India badges on THEIR valuable blog real estate (noted in comments here).
  5. This means I'm grateful.  No, BEYOND grateful!!!
  6. Can anyone tell me a word that says "beyond grateful"?
  7. Over the next few days I shall
    1. a)  FINALLY write my SXSW thoughts!!! 
    2. b)  VISIT MY OLDEST, FIRST BLOGGING FRIENDS WHOM I MISS.  Twitter has effectively killed me keeping up with you.  Forgive me.  I'm languishing in sorrow.
  8. Is anyone else wondering why TypePad doesn't KNOW that when you have subcategories you're supposed to alternate to LETTERING instead of embedded NUMBERING??? 
  9. Are you fans of the Godfathers of Soul Contemporary Christian Music–Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith?  Under the heading of "GET!! OUT!!", I shall be LIVE-BLOGGING the Spring Kick Off of their "United Tour" this weekend.  I think they chose the date in celebration of **someone's** birthday 😉 THANKS to Spence Smith for making this happen.  And PLEASE–would you make plans to check in Saturday night for my concert observations, picchas AND IF ALL GOES ACCORDING TO PLAN, my first VLOGS (yikes! maybe I shouldn't put that part in print…except this isn't print, so it doesn't count…right?)!!  
  10. This might well qualify as the most manic, non-post post ever written.  Is there a prize for that?
  11. If you could summarize your mood in one word, what would it be?  Me?  Overwhelmed–in the BEST sense of that word! 🙂

This photograph has nothing to do with this post other than it makes me happy; hope you're enjoying a smile, too :).

p.s.  This post has nothing to do with:

  1. Drinking too much coffee today
  2. An overdose of sunshine-induced Vitamin D

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