{Live-blogged & live-tweeted, but finished post-concert.  If you're popping over from Michael's site, WELCOME!  Love that his friends are visiting 🙂 }

The United Tour begins as most do, with a meet & greet prior to the show.  That might've been typical, but I can already sense this concert is anything but typical. 

Michael Dubya was as friendly as he could be as he took time to speak with everyone in the room.  Can I just say that his baby blues are penetrating; he makes great eye-contact and fully engages with whomever he's speaking; he looks closer to his age face-to-face than he does from a distance, but even so, he's still eternally youthful; and his firm politician's handshake won me over.  {Good gravy–I just wrote an entire paragraph on the proper way to shake hands, decided this is not the venue for that, so it is now drafted for another day's post.  S i g h…bunny trails…!}

United Tour Meet & Greet w/Smitty

When he was done, he had just enough time for one more picture–me and a few new friends.

Carlos & Heather Whittaker, Robin @ Pensieve, Michael W. Smith

Do you recognize Carlos (Ragamuffin Soul) & Heather Whittaker (Whittaker Woman)?  Meeting them was an unexpected delight; hanging with my "friend" from the past two decades wasn't.  Carlos & Heather went on the Compassion International trip to Uganda just over a year ago.  For me, this was a divine appointment; talking to Heather–someone whose life has been altered from seeing humanity in new light–is a gift to help me prepare for India; Carlos helped me to see that it's ok–good, even–to be excited about how I'll be changed as a result of this trip.  I'm thankful. 

The guys began together, singing first "Blessed Be the Name" and "How Great is our God"…


And then Steven continued with all things familiar…


Steven is a fabulous story-teller–both in words and music.  His heart spills out into his music and it's impossible not to engage.  When he began telling the story about "Cinderella" (one I've heard before), but this time acknowledged the recent and tragic death of his youngest daughter…the lyrics took new shape, new meaning.  He shared his family's story with great hope, though…the hope all believers have with lives united eternally with Christ.

The last line still haunted…."But I know…this dance…will go on…"

Steven & Geoff Moore

When Geoff Moore joined Steven, it was clear they have true affection for one another and they had fun singing "Dive" and "Live Out Loud".  Later, we learned they share the bond of having adopted daughters from China, and Geoff introduced a collaboration with Show Hope, a monthly sponsorship initiative to help provide for the needs of orphans. 

Sidenote:  It's precious to me how performing artists–not just Christian!–are increasingly using their voice, their platform, their influence for good!  They're making a difference in the lives of many by championing those who have no voice, and rallying support from those who have the means and conviction to provide for others…sometimes, at sacrifice to self.  Beautiful…the work of God.

Steven & Caleb Chapman, proud papa & son :)

Proud Papa introduces his son.  We saw more of Caleb at Steven's last concert here, and I'm sure we'll see more of him in the future.

Right about here is where I snuck out for a quick bathroom break; I decided not to tweet that little tidbit on Twitter–far be it for me to post TMI ;).  Daggum, if Smitty didn't crank it up (unexpectedly, to me) while I was "occupied", so I missed pictures before intermission.  When I came back, I ran into my friend, Charles, who, if I'm not mistaken, was tweeting from his phone–


My camera-shy husband and daughter managed to steer clear of my roving lens.  I was disappointed; they silently celebrated victory.  Infidels.

While I'm digressing, wanna see where I was blogging?

Sound & light booth

Great vantage point for listening, but when it was time to take pictures, I surreptitiously slithered my way to the front of the stage.  My mad stealth skills are so advanced, I'm pretty sure I was invisible.

Spence Smith aka drummer extraordinaire & moi
This would probably be a good time to say how grateful I am to Spence Smith for making the arrangements for me to live-blog the show; 9-5 he's on staff with Compassion International (& is one of the leaders for our upcoming trip to India), but 5:01-8:59?  The man is movin' and shakin' all over the place.  I'm quite certain he's a rollin' stone and shall never-no-never gather moss.

Ok…back to the show. 

Post intermission, Michael sang…and shared his life and testimony…and led us in worship.  It was Church in the best sense–believers united in praise and adoration, celebrating the One who gave us song.  Somewhere along the way, I ceased attending a concert and entered into worship.  It was seamless and beautiful, and evidence to me Michael is interested in his music glorifying God, not himself. 

Michael W. Smith, The United Tour




Two amazing artists brought with them stories and songs of hope and healing; this seemed to be a softer side of both men, more open and vulnerable.  They're seasoned and rewarded artists who don't seem impressed with celebrity for celebrity's sake.  They understand their position brings with it responsibility and challenge.   My only concern was the ticket price that kept a lot of my friends at home.  For those of us fortunate enough to be there, we were blessed with a night to remember.


Smith and Chapman, The United Tour

Steven Curtis Chapman & Michael W. Smith, The United Tour

Friends are friends forever ;).

Play list:

  • Blessed Be Your Name
  • How Great is our God
  • You Make All Things New
  • Yours
  • Magnificent Obsession
  • Miracle of the Moment
  • Cinderella 
  • God is God
  • Live out Loud
  • Dive
  • Great Adventure / Go West
  • Sake of the Call
  • Place in This World/I Will Be Here For You
  • I Will Be Here
  • Prepare Ye The Way
  • A New Hallelujah
  • The River is Rising
  • Friends
  • This is Your Time
  • Mighty to Save
  • Shout Unto God
  • Above All
  • Deep In Love With You
  • Healing Rain
  • Majesty
  • Agnus Dei
  • How Great Is Our God

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