Good laughs are oxygen to my soul; they infuse me with energy and inspiration and a host of other Very Good Things.  In the past 24 hours, new smile wrinkles have burrowed their way from the corners of my eyes, and I don't even mind the age-texture they're adding to my face.  They're "good" wrinkles in the same sense butter is "good" fat :).

My BFF Paula Deen would agree.

Funny #1 ~ 

Because I'm too lost to watch "Lost", and because my family refuses to rally my effort to catch up, we settle on watching "American Idol".  It's a painful, selfless concession on my end.

When Idol opened last night with Matt Giraud's rendition of "Let's Get it On", my first thought was "Oh, no!  NO ONE can touch Marvin Gaye's soulful stylings!"  My second thought was the episode of "King of Queens" when Doug and Carrie went away to celebrate their anniversary, and made the mistake of taking Deacon and Kelly with them…the mistake being "Let's Get it On" was Deacon and Kelly's "theme song" and Doug and Carrie heard it through the walls over and over and OVER again, clearly not able to keep up with D & K's romantic romps themselves and feeling like impotent misfits.

If that didn't make sense, no worries, it's really not part of the story.

What followed was this exchange between me and Tad; I'm still smiling over my occasional blonde streak–

Me (VERY impressed with Matt's Gaye-honoring performance):  "Wow…I didn't realize he was that good.  He's definitely a black horse."

Tad (looking at me like I'm crazy):  "What??"

Me (thinking he must not have understood, and louder, because he must also be deaf):  Matt…he's good!  He's definitly a black horse! 

Tad (questioning the talent of his writer-wife):  "…you mean dark horse…?"

Me:  No words–flat out r o f l.

Funny #2 ~

I have this love/hate thing with Twitter.  I think it's absolutely ridiculous and yet I keep comin' back for more.  Sometimes it infuriates me, but today?  It absolutely blessed mah sweet-tea-drinkin-Southern-Belle-heart.  I got wind "someone" was looking for me…and eventually I saw this tweet:

Ok I am looking
for Robyn that went SXSW But I cannot remember her last name or twitter
name! It was something like Robyn Pinsleeve or..?

Maybe I should be concerned about being forgettable, but instead, I'm thinking about changing my name.


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