Texans are PROUD of their Tex-Mex…looking at this, is it any question why??  Thanks to Lisa Reid (& hubby, Robert), for treating us to a wonderful start to our SXSW adventure. 


After noticing their red HOT Izea hats during a shared elevator ride, I struck up a conversation with Ashley (left) when I informed him I had one, too.  The funniest point of the convo was when I told him I didn't recognize the infamous Ted Murphy without his tongue sticking out.  Ted took care of that when we mugged for a shot.  Meeting Kim, another winner of this SXSW trip, was a highlight of the weekend.


Apparently a few of the characters from the Best Worst Movie stepped off the silver screen and into the Austin Convention Center.  After I let them inspect my dental work, we were BFFs.  Forever.


Crumplers wins the prize for most unusual giveaway at the Trade Center.  While I know a lot of people who'd admit to reading in the bathroom, I'm wondering who in the world keeps a stash of crayons toilet-side!


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

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