Ooooh, miiiiy….my brain, she is a' thinkin'….

"Worlds are colliding", inter-cranially speaking, and I'm not quite sure where I'll land.  I've been reading a few deep thoughts and engaged in chat and email conversation with a few people for whom I have deep regard and kindred affection.  I feel like I'm running up and down a see-saw, managing balance and fun and the serious business of not busting my tail from hitting the ground too hard.

I've been contemplating how I spend my time online; interestingly, I'm in good company.  After reading the recent comment thread in response to a comic posted about Twitter, my response was to tweet-fast for a few days (though it wasn't in boycott–nothing like that!).

Anyways, while I sift through the merits of social media–which isn't going away regardless of what conclusions I draw–here are some more "art imitating life" treats that gave me reason to smile….  


Jon Stewart and tech correspondent Sam Bee take a look at Twitter…oh, how he doth mock!  Some of my favorite lines, followed by the video in full–

(Jon)  "Why has Twitter suddenly become such a big deal amongst legislators and the media elite?"
(Sam)  "Uh…because it's AWEsome…!"

And then when Jon poses the question yet again, later in the video, Sam answers a bit differently–

(Jon)  "Why is Congress and the media jumping on it?"
(Sam)  "Because we're rotting corpses, grabbing for any glimmer of relevance…"


For you hardcore tweeps, you DO know the "Twitter Song", right?

HT: The uber-darling Sugar Jones.

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