{Singing "Annie" in my most impressive imaginary theater voice…} " When I'm stuck with a daaaaay, that's graaaay, and cloudy…"
Sticking out my chin will get me no where FAST, but slide into my bunny slippers and all is well with the world.


They're silly.  I know.  They're childish, I KNOW!  But I tried on these babies in Old Navy's children's department and they fit like Cinderella's glass and they practically GAVE them to me for $4.99.  Far be it for me to turn down Prince Charming's much more comfortable offer when it was clear they were made for my feet.


Look at their faces…not only do they belong on my feet, they belong to each other.  But that expression concerns me a little.  After owning rabbits and understanding all too well what they're capable of…if suddenly my closet starts filling with mini bunny slippers?  They're all goin' the way of the pumpkin at midnight.  😉

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