Seeing my life flash before my eyes has become routine in Calcutta; after a 90-minute, harrowing, honk-accompanied bus-transferring-to-rickshaw ride, we reached our rural destination, one of Compassion International's Child Survival Programs.  Because I'm writing a few posts to be featured elsewhere, for now, here at Pensieve, I'll leave you with my favorite photo captures of the day. 

{I'll provide links later to guest-posting sites, but be sure and visit the Compassion Bloggers page to read teasers for everyone else's impressions from the day!   You'll love what they say and how they say it, I just know it!}

Note:  All of these are shots taken by me, but be sure to check out Keely's photography–a camera in that girl's hand is magic!








These people have little of material value; for you to sponsor a child might make the difference between life and death.  Seriously.

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