Sometimes I think the “Namers” of states and cities were just plain lazy; or maybe they just knew a few letters of the alphabet so they used them over and over.  For example:

    1. Mississippi–Two pair of S’s, a pair of P’s and a whole bunch of I’s
    2. Tennessee–A pair of N’s, a pair of S’s and a whole bunch of E’s
    3. Kissimmee–{The only city in this lesson}  A pair each of S’s, M’s and E’s

I’ll let you in on a little secret:  one of those three places is giving away not one, but several vacations; I think it’s an initiative to help people learn how to spell its name correctly.

From my toddler years to college, my family vacationed in Florida.  My aunt had a place there, and free is always better than paying for vacation, especially when you get to visit relatives you enjoy but don’t see often.

A few things I remember on that long drive from Georgia to Florida’s East coast–being squenched with my siblings in the back seat of our car (how did we do that without an SUV or a mini van??), snacking on Ritz Crackers slathered in peanut butter & drinking Pepsi from Dixie cups, and buying Mexican Jumping Beans and pecan logs at Stuckey’s.

And for some reason, I remember the signs for Kissimmee, Florida.  We never made it that far South, but I always liked the name of the town.  Odd memory, even to me.

Display Well, lo and behold, they’re giving away a few trips…and after looking around their website?  I realize Kissimmee isn’t just a cute name for a city, there’s a lot to do for everyone.  I suppose I always think “Disneyworld” or “Universal Studios” when I think central Florida–and those are close by–but I love the sound of Kissimmee’s historic downtown.   There are shops selling antiques and collectibles, as well as art galleries, a sculpture garden, doll shops, and more.  I hear you might even see alligators…to me, a selling point.

Display-1 When (not if 😉 ) you visit Kissimmee’s website, you’ll see all the area has to offer, from free (parks, lakes, seasonal festivals) to nicely high end (golf, spa destinations and fine dining).  Anything you’d want to do is within a short driving distance, especially helpful if children are in tow.

Of course, seeing it for free is always a good thing, and a few “somebodies” are going to win vacations…if it can’t be me, I sure do hope it’s you :).


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