With two cell phone-carrying teenagers in our house, it's critical for us as parents to get in their business and know the technology better than–or at least as well as–them.  And not just know the technology, but also to know what it is they're saying and to whom. 

Listen friends (and by "friends" I mean anyone who sees this post–whether you're a regular reader or landed on this page by a random search)…it's your business to get in their business.

Even if they protest.

Especially if they protest. 

That's why when BlogHer asked me to take a look at LG's DTXTR website, a tool to help equip parents with knowledge, I couldn't say no.  And wow…I realized that as much as I do know?  There's even more than I don't!  Heck, I didn't even know what SMS actually stood for!

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