Our friends Charles and Stephanie and their three little wonders joined us for Easter lunch today, and as they were leaving (stuffed to the brim and ready for naps), Steph shared the funniest story.  Since she doesn't blog, I've just gotta re-tell it for her 'cause funny is funny regardless of whether you know the people involved–

Steph is a fabulous special ed teacher, working with elementary-aged students.  This week, just because he loves her and she loves it, her husband Charles brought fresh sushi to her for lunch.

Sushi-for-2 When one of her students saw her plate, he questioned in confusion, "What?  Are you Mexican??" and before Stephanie could answer, another classmate chimed in, "And look!  She's eatin' it with pork chops!!"

I have no idea how Steph lived to tell;  I would've choked to death right then, right there.

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