Does anybody really know what time it is?
Does anybody really care?

Photo 6

Harbour Town Marina at Hilton Head Island, June 2009.
Taken with my webcam from the roof of The Yacht Club,
overlooking the famed Harbour Town Lighthouse

For more years than I can recall, we've spent a long Memorial weekend with our first friends made when we moved to our previous hometown; it began before we had children and that goes back 16 years.  Their parents allow us the courtesy of renting their time share in Harbour Town at an offer-we-can't-refuse rate, so this wonderful friendship-and-family tradition continues. 

When the school calendar was extended after Memorial Day, the date was forced to change.  But when you have a tradition seeped in friendship and a kindred connection, it's not about the day.

It's a long weekend of "whatever"…staying up late, sleeping late, eating when we're hungry, hitting the beach when we're ready, and the luxury of hanging out and catching up after a year apart.

I don't think I've known what time it was since we left Tennessee.  I kinda like it that way :).

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