{Here from @Paula_Deen's wayward tweet?  She meant to link here!!}

I've got a challenge for you:  Can you choose your all-time favorite post?  Not one of your favorites, not your top three, but Just. One.

If you're like me, this is asking the near impossible. 

Recently I submitted writing samples for an upcoming project (to be announced soon!!!), and I had to choose three posts.  Apparently, I'm attached to many more than that, but I realized in re-reading a few, there are those that I r e a l l y   l i k e; and there's one that takes me back to "the moment" every time I read it.  I'm linking it here, and it's my favorite (today 😉 ).

I tweeted this question earlier today, then decided to post it here.  **IF** you should accept this mission, I would love for you to link your One Favorite Post.  It would be awesome if you'd share this link with your readers (via your blog, Twitter, etc.) because I'm hoping we'll get a good response and discover a bunch of wonderful new bloggers in the process.

Soooo, are you up for the mission?  I sure hope so…my goal is to stumble and comment to everyone who links up!!  {Be sure to click Mr. Linky below and register your PERMALINK not your blog URL.  If you have questions about how to do that, check out detailed instructions at Blogging Basics 101.}

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