I wonder if I'll ever see
Sweet moonfruit on a tree

Yes, it's luscious, true, 'tis rare
Crazed pursuit–yes, I dare!

Twitter-patter night and day
Begging, bribing, even pray

For the prize awaits just ten
Faithfully I try to win.

Obnoxious tweeting brings demise:
Twitter follow'rs drop like flies!

'Cause a Macbook Pro is at stake–
Just the thought makes me shake!

This ode I write with fingers crossed,
And, salt, o-ver my shoulders tossed.

Waiting, hoping for that Tweet
That says I've won a Moonfruit treat!


If you're active on Twitter, this needs no explanation; for those who aren't, you'll wish you were–Moonfruit is giving away ten Macbook Pros to a few lucky Twitterers!

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