Giveaway:  $25 Giftcard from Build a Bear

DSC_4449 DSC_4452

Sweet mercy…LOOK at this precious owl you can buy if you win Build-a-Bear's Blog Hop '09 giveaway (makes me think of Hedwig in Harry Potter).  These four siblings were fighting over who got to keep it because a) the girls said it was "soooo soft" and b) the boys thought it was freakycool its head could spin around like Linda Blair a real owl. 


Giveaway requirements in addition to general:

  1. Share your thoughts there in the comment link about their new snowy owl…whoooo does it remind YOU of?  (It's always nice to let sponsors know why you're visiting…so a Blog Hop '09 mention is appreciated though not necessary).
  2. Comment to this post either a cut & paste of what you commented there or why you hope you win this giveaway.

Additional entries may be earned by:

  • Tweeting about this giveaway (if you'd like, you can use this example); commenting the permalink URL (found by clicking the time stamp in Twitter)

" A FUN summer outing when it gets hot outside: BUILD-A-BEAR! #BlogHop09 is giving away a $25 gc! {PLS RT} "

Winner will be selected at random from comments to this post and upon verification of the above.  Deadline to enter is Sunday, August 2nd @ 11:59 EST.

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