I'll be honest with you:  although I do feel like I'm missing out on some fun in Chicago with my blogging friends, I don't a) feel like some kind of loser for not being at BlogHer, and b) I'm encouraged by the growing excitement among those interested in joining this year's Blog Hop.   The conference can accommodate only about 1,500 people, so when you do the math, that's only a teensy fraction of the blogging community. 

Those 1,500 people sure have busy fingers, though, so those of us who read "their" blogs and frequent Twitter or Facebook feel like it's "everyone" BUT us. 

I assure you, you're in the majority. 

And…if you do even more math, you'll realize that the whiz bang bags brimming with swag add up to a small percentage of travel expenses (for those who aren't sponsored), so you're saving all kinds of money by partying from your desktop or laptop.

Have I made you feel bettah?  That's certainly my goal :).

Anyways, let's get down to some FAQs on the Blog Hop to help you maximize your experience.

Blog Hop '09 FAQs

When does Blog Hop '09 begin?

MckLinky will go live at 10 EST (9 CST) Thursday, July 23 for you to register your permalinks and begin blog hopping.

How do I participate?

Write a brief Blog Hop post to introduce yourself to your visitors; you will be linking your post, NOT your main page URL!!  Because we want to encourage as many visits as possible, it's in your best interest to keep it simple.  It's best to keep links within your intro post to a minimum.

I just heard about the Blog Hop; is it to late to join?

No!  Giveaways will be awarded by midnight Sunday, July 26 (announced Monday by noon EST), and you can link a BH post anytime between now and then.  EVERYONE is invited to join and we know you'll find some priceless gems along this bloggity treasure hunt!

How do I find my post's permalink?

Ummm, I'm a tech idiot and if I tried to tell you, you'd end up in Kansas.  Instead, check out the Blogging Basics 101 explanation!

Can I host a giveaway from my blog?

By all means, but it's not necessary.  You're welcome to indicate this when you register your post with MckLinky, but you'll only have 50 characters to do so :).

I'm #173 on the list!  Will anyone read that high of a number??

Yes!  We're suggesting that everyone visit FIRST the Blog Hoppers who share the last digit in your MckLinky number; if you're #14, read posts that end in "4" and so on.  That way, for every 100 people who join in, you're only reading 10 posts and this spreads out the Blog Hop love! 

Presuming there will be more than 100 joining in :).

Are you planning to crash Twitter with a Tweet-Up?

Guess what?  NO!  As a courtesy to our followers, we decided against any Tweet sessions; there are already several others planned, and between that and BlogHer, we decided to encourage YOU to tweet your Blog Hop experience apart from a formal party.  Follow @thebeadgirl who's doing a fabulous job with this!!!

Are you planning ANYTHING interactive then?

Yes!!  UPDATED:  We're going to have two live VIDEO chats:  Friday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. EST (3 CST) and Saturday night at 10:00 p.m. EST (9 CST).  While you don't have to have a webcam to participate, you do have to register with Stickam.com.  Please visit their website to familiarize yourself with the process before tomorrow night.  Our chatroom will be named:  Blog Hop '09 and your uber-secret password is pensieve.  You'll need that information to sneak into our room :). 

Will there be party favors?

Yes!  Thanks to the following giveaway sponsors!  (Will update Friday with details on winning each giveaway…tech difficulties are preventing that now so I can get this posted!!)

Type-A Mom Conference registration ($150-200 value)

Thrill ride in a bi-plane! ($200 value, compliments of The Pilot's Wife)

Lands End ~ Cardigan sweater ($69.50), Beaded necklace (originally $79.50) and coordinating quartz earrings (originally $29.50), and an eco-friendly backback ($59.50). {Thanks to Amanda}

Paula Deen, $50 gift card to her online store (Thanks to the Lady and her webmaster)

Crocs ($50 giftcard) {Thanks to George Smith}

12 Naturally Nora Cake/Frosting Mixes (Retail value $50)

A selection of Sun and Earth products (Retail value $52)

Build-a-Bear, $25 giftcard

Five Ways to {Blank} Your Blog (book) and $10 Starbucks gift card (Thanks to Deb on the Rocks)

One month free ad sp
ace on Mom's Marbles (Valued at $30)

Family Feasts for $75 a Week (book) {RV $17.95, Compliments of Mary at Owlhaven)

The Jesus Storybook Bible (RV $16.99, compliments of Oh Amanda)

Eco "Talk Green to Me" bag, {RV $14.99, thanks to Eco Bags}

Okay guys, I have to start writing MY Blog Hop post and get MckLinky ready…I'm sure I'm leaving out answers to some of your questions, so please…fire away in comments!


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