We’re keeping this short and sweet so you can get right to it!  If you haven’t yet checked out the Blog Hop FAQs, be sure to do so to maximize your Blog Hop experience (and to discover some fabulous giveaways!).  Details on how to win the giveaways will be posted tomorrow, but keep in mind you must have the Blog Hop ’09 posted in your sidebar to be eligible :).

And because we want to support the entire blogging community–and for this week in particular, bloggers who weren’t able to make it to BlogHer in Chicago–check out these alternate venues for mixing and mingling blogging style.

BlogHer at Home ~ After talking with Princess Jenn, half the brain behind this site, we agreed they were the “R” version to our PG-rated Blog Hop :).  {She’s was a great girlieQ to chat with but realize an R rating means just that…they’re over there drinking beer and eating peanuts, cussin’ and rabble-rousing, and we’re over hear sipping sweet tea and eating cookies.  I’m just sayin’…;) }

Happy BlogNerd Bash ~ Amanda had the same idea as me, and she decided to host her own “I’m not at BlogHer so phooey!” party.  Be sure to tell her “hi’ and check out some giveaways at her place.

  • Please be sure to link your PERMALINK, not your blog’s main URL
  • Visit the people who’s numbers end in the same LAST DIGIT as yours (to make sure there’s an even distribution of visits)
  • Comment generously and graciously–take time to read the post!  It’s obvious when you don’t! 🙂

Have fun!  Can’t wait to meet y’all!!  We’ll take this party into next week–don’t feel like you have to build BlogRome in a day!

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