I'm thrilled you're taking part in Blog Hop '09, I hope you all meet wonderful new blog mates with whom you can tweet and comment to and one day meet In Real Life…but until then, let's get to know each other virtually better.

Who is Robin at PENSIEVE?  She's ~

  • married to her college sweetheart
  • mom to a teen daughter, teen son and a tween son
  • a copycat of Jesus
  • a dreamer
  • a writer
  • a photographer
  • a lover of simple things
  • inspired by the beach and the majesty of Creation in general
  • a sometimes poet
  • a former marketing and PR professional
  • an above average cook
  • a below average ironer (and I've got the scars to prove it)

Because of blogging, I've met amazing people, some famous, others infamous…and the rest somewhere in between. 

3479914350_d0f1f9c1b1 My greatest delights in blogging are to encourage others and to use my voice for those who have none, and that was perhaps best embodied in my recent trip to India with Compassion International.  There, I observed Compassion's work, witnessed the tangible difference it makes in the lives of sponsored children and their families, and now do whatever I can to persuade others to begin sponsorship…altering the future of a child living in extreme poverty. 

Even now, I can't help but ask you to click the blue link in my right side bar and at least learn more about Compassion.  🙂

As a personal "giveaway", if any Blog Hopper decides to change history by sponsoring a child, I'll pay for one month ($38) (limited to the first person who lets me know, though I wish I could do this for many!)

Again, thanks for reading and taking part in Blog Hop '09…I am blessed by your enthusiasm and response. 

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