a}  After my explosive implosion yesterday, I anchored myself to Real Life and only now am dipping a pinky toe into the Matrix.

b}  Cyber hugs & smooches for your golden words of encouragement in comments to my last post, on Twitter and in email.  I really appreciated the Metlife blimp flyover, too–nothin' says lovin' like four stories of hot air (the irony of their slogan "For the "IF" in LIFE" wasn't wasted….).

c}  My sweet sister-in-law has apparently received her PhD, and prescribed laughter for what ailed me; it defintely is the best medicine and I invite you to enjoy her prescription if you haven't already seen it.  {With 7,000,000 hits and climbing on YouTube, you've probably already seen this video, but if not?  You need to!}

Keep Blog Hoppin', y'all…you'll have plenty of time to enter giveaways once I finally post 'em!!

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