CONGRATULATIONS TO Stacey at Tree, Root & Twig!!!

Thanks to all who commented, tweeted, facebooked and/or stumbled–you're all winners for having discovered Cambria Cove, right? (keep them in mind for future shopping!).  BTW, I loved your stories about "favorite gifts" so much, I'll be blogging about it soon :).

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During the Blog Hop a few weeks ago, I learned about a wonderful site that had eluded me prior:  Cambria Cove.  They wrote me to ask if I'd be interested in sharing their site with PENSIEVE readers (and Blog Hop hoppers).  Though I didn't broadcast it then, I was traveling that week, so I wasn't able to investigate Cambria Cove until later.

white and dark chocolate tulip shaped dessert shells Oh…my…word…it's the kind of shopping that sends me into HappySensoryOverload!  The more I looked the more I liked and I noticed something:  this ain't the bargain basement.

But, then I noticed something else:  Cambria Cove wants to distinguish itself as a retailer that offers remarkable products that will never be found at the end of an aisle marked 75% off.  Their offerings are artisan crafted; there's a story behind every item

When you give or receive a gift from Cambria Cove, it's not only about the product itself, it's about memory, inspiration, thoughtfulness; it's gift-giving (or personal reward?? 🙂 ) that communicates value to the receiver. 

In an economy when many are forced to evaluate every purchase, you have to know you're getting what you're paying for.  Beginning with the way products are packaged and shipped, you'll find immediately care has been tended to your purchase.

CLICK FOR A CLOSE-UP OF THE BEADED NAPKIN RINGS! Perfect w/the lime green napkins! To give me a taste of their products, Cambria Cove sent a beautiful box full of lovies for my kitchen or dining room:  a colorful table runner, lime green napkins and four beaded napkin rings THAT I SWEAR YOU COULD WEAR AS BRACELETS!  It's like Cambria Cove was a BFF of mine and they knew just what make me squeal :).  We typically reserve cloth napkin use for special occasions, but now I find myself wanting to plan a special occasion around the napkin rings–how crazy is that?

Cambria Cove is a high-end retailer but there are products in most every price range; you can buy a darlin' set of "Fabulous Friends" notecards for $30 or if you have a lee-tle bit more to spend, this Mandarin Burst set of correspondence cards starting at $320 (yikes!).  For forty bucks, I'm considering this personal stamper to replace my return address labels–two words:  Dar.  Ling! 

But this is only the beginning; to see their full range of product and gift items, it's worth a few minutes of your time to check out Cambria Cove's site.  If you like what you see (and I don't see how you won't!), I'll be giving away a $100 shopping spree to one lucky reader!  To enter, after visiting their site, comment how you might spend $100 if you win (<— must be done to qualify for additional entries —>).  Additional entries may be earned by:

  • Tweeting this post/giveaway using this link:  Then comment the URL for your tweet.
  • Sharing the above link with your Facebook friends then commenting the link to your page.
  • Stumbling, Kirtsying or Digging this post {does it not seem like bloggers speak their own language??  Geez…!}
  • Commenting about the favorite gift you've ever been given and why {<– I like this one…it's about you, not about me, and though the other requirements are a means to an end {{introducing Cambria Cove to a broader audience}} if you do one {or more} of those, I might just show favoritism to those who do this one.  That's random, right??
  • Entry deadline is 11:59 EST Tuesday, 8/25/09.  Bloggers & non-bloggers are invited to enter!

Okay people, enough from me…time for YOU to giddy-up!!


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