Schweppes Raspberry Ginger aleTo my dear friends at Schweppes,

What can we do to persuade you to bring Raspberry Ginger Ale back to Chattanooga?  We fell in love with you at first taste, and though we found you for a short time in local stores, you were cruelly taken away all too soon.

I made product requests at all my local grocery stores–the managers just laughed at me and told me you weren't available.  In July, we tracked you down in South Carolina and bought six liters; we would've bought more but that was all that would fit in our luggage- and kid-filled van during summer vacation.  We considered leaving one of the children with their cousins but since Fall was coming, we needed the extra leaf-raking hands.

We've just finished the last drop of the last bottle, and we commemorated the passing with a moment of silence.  I think my husband shed a few tears (but you didn't hear that from me).

Please don't toy with our taste buds' emotions!  We want you…we need you…WE'VE GOT TO HAVE YOU BACK, AND SOON!  It's not a pretty sight to be deprived of your bubbly, caffeine free deliciousness. 

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience; feel free to make amends with a truckload of "my precious" delivered to our back door. 

Love you and miss you most sincerely,



Your turn:  Are there any happy foods or drinks you can't seem to find these days but you know they exist somewhere??

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