Barlowgirl, a trio of musically-gifted sisters, has been a favorite of mine since their self-titled debut five years ago.  Lyrically, their music encourages, challenges and inspires; musically, their range will leave you ROCKIN' it OUT one minute, then weeping in confession and contemplation the next.  Their CDs are a must-have for anyone with daughters (especially tweens and teens); their lyrics often speak to issues common to middle and high school girls (boys in this age group will love Barlowgirl, too).

Beautiful Ending is the first release off their new album, "Love & War
"; <— click the link and buy it today.  The song reveals Barlowgirl's softer side and their voices melt into beauty; it reminds you it doesn't matter how you begin but how you finish.

Even though I'm probably not their demographic, I couldn't be a bigger fan.  If they're performing in your area, their concerts are worth the ticket price.  {Even if the worth is found, in say, a middle-age mom dancin' in her seat, totally mortifying her kids so much they have to go find friends to sit with ;)}    

Listen…enjoy…be encouraged!

Beautiful Ending @ Yahoo! Video

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