Sometimes priceless treasure arrives sealed in an envelope.

Pinki ~ Compassion International in Calcutta

Yesterday I received a letter from Pinki, the little girl we sponsor in India but have yet to write about here.  Meeting her, holding her hand, hugging her neck…and then having to let her return to her impoverished village has proved too challenging to write.  Yet.

Translation can be entertaining at times, and she began with “At first take my love,” a peculiar phrase but one that gave me reason to smile and receive the love she sent.  I was reminded of our very different cultures as I continued:  “Here, the weather is rainy season.  I like to bathe in the rain.  Do you like to bathe in the rain?”

I smiled at the image of her dancing in the rain, face upward and joyful while the filth of of the day washed off her skin, and it hit me I probably would like bathing in the rain if I tried it.

Then I remembered my (incourage) post is published today and its content is all about the hope Compassion International extends to program children (I hope you’ll click through to read!), and then I received a comment from Holley reminding me sponsorship can make a difference that lasts f o r e v e r.

Are you willing to make a forever difference?


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