A few weeks ago I wrote about how excited I was to have a "reason" to use my darling soup plates I've had for years but have used only once; Amber, The Runamuck, encouraged her readers to celebrate "friendship" by hosting a "Sister Party".  I've thought about hosting a get together with friends for no real reason for quite a while and all it took was the power of suggestion for me to finally follow through.

Cranberry Chicken Salad, Potato Leek Soup, Banana Nut bread on soup plates Rather than a Girls' Night Out, I decided to host a brunch; mine was planned for last Friday.  The menu was simple:  Cranberry Chicken Salad, Potato Leek Soup, Banana Nut Bread, and Carnation Famous Fudge and Pepperidge Farm Petite Treats for dessert.  

Everything tasted delicious (recipes to be posted soon!)!

DSC_5351 And, what's a party without favors?  I had to give my friends a little "" (for those of you who don't yet know that word, it's a little thought gift).  The value is not so much in the gift itself but in the intention of the gift.

The truth is I probably should have canceled my brunch–I was running a fever and felt awful!  I knew my friends had sickness in their homes and weren't being exposed to anything new, but…I could barely enjoy our time together.

Interestingly, I invited a lot of friends; most couldn't make it due to work, baby sitting issues or sickness in their own homes.  B u t, what made my Sister Party special was the two who were able to come.  Sandra was one of my first real friends made when we moved here six years ago; with a gentle countenance, she's been the type friend who has listened with both ears, offered Godly counsel when asked, has never sought to impose her views on me, encouraged gently with a ready smile and truth on her tongue.  Paige is that dependable friend you can count on in need, she's the one who shows up early (and stays late) to help, she's my oh-so-talented Stamping Up "mentor" and you never have to wonder what she's thinking–she'll flat out tell you the truth ("Yes!  You look fat in those pants!").

Both ladies take me as I am and love me even when I'm not so lovable.  And when I'm sick.


Because I wasn't in a picture-taking-frame of mind, we almost didn't get a shot together; as they were leaving, one of my boys played photographer, so at least we have a parting shot.  

Thanks to Amber for encouraging all of us to celebrate the women in each of our lives who help shape who we become.

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